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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
The Never Ending Party
Latter in the day after sleeping off the drink and gaining some form of conciousness I went back to the club with my security droids to see the damage from the night before. As I expected the place was a mess. Upturned table, chairs missing legs, the microphone stand in four pieces, and the floor littered with various cans and glasses.

So the cleaning up began reminding me very much of my time on Tatooine with the Hutts. It was unpleasant but eventually the work was done and the club could open for another night of complete and utter chaos.

Thats how I thought it would be, untill a few people came in and gradually built up to a steady number, but not enough for complete chaos, that was good, earnings wouldn't suffer that much as repairs wouldn't be needed.

The party lasted late with Noel coming in after Jomb and then singing me and Rage into oblivion.
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