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Saturday, November 12, 2005
The Council of Thirteen

In the forming of the Army to face the Republic we created a Council of Thirteen. These Thirteen were meant to organize the Army and follow under my command. Unfortunately they have not done a good job and many are being replaced when more suitable replacements are found. The members are:

Zin: The bounty hunter I found on Coruscant. Resourceful, energetic, determined, and like pizza.
Atmo Larc: A skilled close combat warrior, he wields 2 heavy masses with reflective qualities.
Stec Marto: The technician on the Council, he's constantly fixing the projector when I slice it in two.
Frentac Smenta: Skilled with explosives. His motto is: "There's nothing too big to destroy. So don't get in my way!"
Terscanee Awze: A mercenary skilled in the art of spying, friends with Frentac.
Arthac Naught: Account on the Council. Responsible purely for the deficit lately - it wasn't me I promise!
Count Dooku: Recently added to the council to replace a Bantha that was slain when they started to eat my notes.
Hatred: A hateful old Bantha - long, messy hair.
Killer: A deadly Bantha - short, neatly groomed hair.
Fury: A young Bantha that is not easily pleased - tangled mess of greasy hair.
Death: A very old bantha - grey hair and the slowest of all the Banthas.
Grave: A determined young Bantha that it likely to get himself killed - small with moderate length hair.
Angry: A spiteful Bantha of moderate age who insists on having ribbons in their hair - wears ribbons in a coat of long shiny hair.

The last six are merely place holders, however, they do get a say in the running of the Army when I’m not around - they are made to stand in a pen of their choice, where they are is what they vote for (only for Yes/No decisions).

It was this council that decided to go to war with Count Dooku luring the Banthas into a pen with the promise of a day with Yoda. They went in and it was a 7-6 vote with the Banthas and Dooku winning. So now I'm on my way to Kamino to try and keep as many droids as possible alive.

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  • At 12:41 PM, Blogger neo mike

    General Grievous, you are what I know as the best-of-the-best. Your blog is what I would like to call "inspiring." Although I'm already evil in general.