Access Granted: Welcome General *cough* Grievous
Monday, November 21, 2005
Extra Extra - Part One
[We interrupt this blog to report on the latest crisis on Kamino]

"Welcome to Channel 5478 News. I am your host, Rod Hide. This special broadcast has been made to inform you of a recent event in the siege of Kamino. Now to John."

"Hi this is your local War reporter, John Nantas, reporting from Tipoca city here on Kamino. Recent events have caused this once unknown planet, to be so important that the CIS have thought it important to blockade the planet, even more thoroughly than the Trade Federation blockade above Naboo. We managed to visit the three main powers in this conflict earlier today.

[Scene switches to the cargo bay of a huge ship, a loud constant roar of ships taking off can be heard in the background.]

"General Grievous, why are you blockading Kamino?"
"No comment."
"Is it true that you were seen meeting Major Rage two days ago?"
"No comment."
"How are you planning on winning this battle?"
"Ok, this is getting ridiculous; do you really think I'm going to tell you that?"
"Umm...... yes...."
"Well you're wrong, don't you think you've wasted enough time questioning me, I told you before that I'm not going to answer."

Conintued on Major Rage's blog.
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  • At 4:59 AM, Blogger flu

    Rod Hide?

    That doesn't sound like a news anchor's name to me...

    ...and you probably should tell the reporter something... if you don't, he's just gonna make something up.