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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Flashback: Becoming a Warrior
"The deserts of Kalee are ideal for hunting; they hide the mumuu and karabbac. Remember this and you will do well."

My father told me this on our first hunting trip, we were hunting mumuu, the thrill of the hunt was on, running across the sand, sun pounding down on our clothes, and the mumuu getting ever closer. I was lagging behind, I was seven years of age and slightly shorter than my father, they were ten meters in front of me. We were with my older brother and my father's friend.

We came to a halt beneath the overhang of a cliff, the mumuu were just around the corner, we drew our weapons and waited. When one started to move apart we moved around them, this was the one we were going to kill.

We knew that once we shot we would have a few moments to scare the others before they would charge at us, we moved close to the singled out mumuu.

The firing started, the targeted mumuu went down without a fight, another one had a heart attack from the surprise and dropped dead as well, the others charged at us the veered away as they feared for their lives.

We returned to our house, and started to carve up our prizes. Latter that night I was presented with my first mumuu mask.
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