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Friday, November 18, 2005
You Can't Stop Me now!
We have finally managed to land on one of the larger cities here on Kamino. Usually each side disembarks with blasters firing and lightsabers spinning, however, this time none of the happened, I'm not entirely sure why. It might have been the fact that they were stunned by Dooku walking up to them with a cup of tea in hand and asking if they would like any, or they drank the tea and were feeling the side effects.

At any rate we were in a face off, no one moving, no one spinning lightsabers, firing blasters, throwing thermal detonators, nothing at all, only a murmur of talk was going on.

"You can't beat us! We have you out numbered two to one; surrender now and you can jump into the sea and drown peacefully, being torn apart by the native animals!"

Then Dooku had to come and spoil the deadlock because he couldn't get the top of the pepper container. Well, you guessed it, he got the top of while holding it in front of me, I sneezed and the suddenly we were in a quick burst of Republic fire.

A quickly as it started, it was over, and half my droids were gone.
That particular battle didn't go that well, we were forced to retreat. But once some more of our droids arrive they will taste the heat of their own blasters.
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