Access Granted: Welcome General *cough* Grievous
Tuesday, November 15, 2005
"I promise you, victory is assured"
All is not going as planned; the Republic has masses of troops on the ground and more arriving every second. We have landed in a few of the smaller cities to establish ourselves on the planet.

I don't see how Palpatine sees that all these ships arriving is going to help us win, I mean look at them!! There's so many of them.

It also doesn't help having Dooku telling me what to do:
"Stab them from behind Old Fella, then move your Knight there and move the Queen in to mop the rest up."
"Dooku this isn't a game of Chess!"
"Isn't it this map looks chequered to me."
"That's because you're looking at the Chess board, the map is beside you."
"So it is...."

What is actually going to happen, time will tell. Until then I'm quite content to just sit here and wait for the Jedi to arrive.
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