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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
The New Youngling
Having failed in training my last youngling, Master Sidious has given me another one to train. This one is a Quermian, like Yareal Poof, he has four arms and two brains. First up I think I’ll teach him how to wield a lightsaber and then progress to multiple lightsabers, after this he should be ready to fight me in practise spars. Here’s the information card that came with the kid:

Name: You decide
Age: 7

This kid has lived a rough life since his family abandoned him on a refugee transport from Quermia, he was found at the age of 5 trying to take a lightsaber from a Jedi guard. He was tested for midi-chlorians but did not reach the required amount for a Jedi, so he was sent to us at the FSYA.

[Your comment goes here after two weeks of training]

Well, I’ve decided to call him Mael, and should he be a good student then his comment will go along the lines of “He is a pleasure to teach and picks up new material well.” Should he be terrible: “He is easily distracted and needs to pay more attention to the subject at hand.”
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