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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Preparing my Presentation

I had this great idea the other day to present to the Council: A lightsabre repair and replacement stall for the Jedi temples. I knew that Anakin went through lightsabers like Windu goes through head wax, so it made perfect sense to have a stall to sell them replacements or repair the "defective" ones that show signs of being dropped in water, lava, or acid.

So I went along to the Council Chambers and spoke with the representative of the show, a Mr Jar Jar Binks.

Me: "You again!"
Jar Jar: "Looken theren itsa the bombad General Grievous! Are yousen here for thisen new show?"
Me: "Now I don't have time to talk to you Jar Jar, I need to sign up for the show before Yoda gets back with his can opener."
Jar Jar: "Okeday thisen the form you needen to fill out, and signen yousa names here... here... and here."

I went over to the desk and started filling out the form:
Name: Grievous
Rank: General
Serial Number:...

Jar Jar: "...mesa moy moy grateful for yousen coming, itsa be-"
Me: "Jar Jar get over here and read the number on the back on my mask."
Jar: "Lessen see here..."

And so I filled out the form and was left to find the most inconspicuous route out of the temple. In a few days I'm due to propose my plans to the council, now to 'find' some impressive data.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
The Council Chambers
A new Holonet programme has just started airing and It looked quite interesting in the weekly Holo-Guide; The Council Chambers:

Now it seems the Jedi Council are having problems with their charity clause and need to give away some of their excess credits or receive more younglings to increase the amount of credits they can hold; well it's some complicated accounting matter.

They have set up a show where potential younglings present new fundraising ideas in order to begin training as a Jedi and access to some credits to help fund their project.

Now in the episode I saw the youngling who received a giant 200,000 credits put forward the idea of three bladed Lightsabre, now while this sounded interesting, when he tried to demonstrate the wow factor was lost as he lost his right leg as one blade swung around. He won though, and if it's that easy I think I might give it a go!

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