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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Guess who's back...
Yes, I'm back! Back and I'm not sure if it's for the better, things around here are deteriorating fast:
  • the Council of 13 have sent us into war on Kamino
  • my droids haven't cleaned the ship up in weeks
  • the droids have shut themselves down and are refusing to come back online
On the plus side, I have received get well cards from many people; it was a terrible ordeal but quite fun when looking back:


This Little Green Monkey doesn't have the best body for inhabiting, it so short and... well... it's so.... green! (Has the very nice power of the Force Wedgies)

Mace Windu

His head is so shiny he can see his own reflection in it, and the amount of skincare products he has... don't even get me started on that... (They're hidden under his bed).

Jawa Juice

Well I have to hand it to him... he has a lot to think about and do, but he sure does get it done.


He's awake at the best of times and oblivious to what people are saying all the time!


Nothing to say really, just don't drink his tea unless you really want a wake up call, very persuasive.


Really need to keep in contact with his parents more often - other than that; he has a nice apartment.


Just not born for a job - one of those Unemployable people, quite lucky he's a Jedi.

Jar Jar
Clumsy - no other word is a better description of him, he's just plain clumsy. His tongue is rather useful though.

Well... If I was meant to learn a lesson from this, I haven't - except
  • Don't go to a shrink who tells you to take a drink from a phial
  • Don't take directions or brochures from people in the street
  • Always take notice of what others are saying and respond accordingly
  • Watch where you are going and think about what you are doing!

On a side note a few days ago, while I was myself at night, I had a dream.

I this dream a Werewolf was standing over me at the local gas station. He was dripping oil and I was in pieces - I have yet to discover the meaning of this if indeed there is one.
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  • At 2:01 AM, Blogger Master Yoda

    Good at interpreting dreams I am.

    Your fear of gas stations, this dream represents.

  • At 10:08 AM, Blogger flu

    I thought it represented a fear of having his oil changed by a four legged mythical creature that lacked opposable digits.

    Man, I really oughta finish my training sometime...

  • At 11:51 AM, Blogger master plo koon

    why no plo koon