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Saturday, November 19, 2005
Show Down at High Noon
Last night while I was scanning the battlefield for possible strategies I received a broadcast.

"General Grievous, answer if you can hear this...."
I was being cautious; I decided to wait a bit.
"General Grievous, pick up the receiver, I know you're there, I can see that the light's on."
I went over and turned the light off.
"General Grievous, just answer, I wish to discuss possible peace treaties."
This one is persistent, a lot better than the previous ones.

"General Grievous speaking *cough*"
"This is Major Rage of the Republic Army; I wish to discuss the withdrawal of the CIS from Kamino."
"Go on..."
"Meet me at the deserted outpost alone at noon." [He sent me some coordinates]

At 11:59 I landed on the outpost and approached the Clone Trooper standing there.
"Major Rage?"
"Thank you for coming, General Grievous. I hope you don't mind but for added security I have brought be Squad member Sparky and Target."
He waved and from behind various object two more Clone Troopers appeared. I drew my lightsabers cautiously.
"You can put those away, General, we are unarmed."
"Then why do you have a blaster pistol in your holster?"
"For protection. now on to business. We want you to leave this planet, and we want you to leave now."
"What will you give me?"
"Absolutely nothing, except a free and untracked escape."
"Well isn't that a nice little deal for you, I leave, you win, and you don't lose anything."
"Then I'm afraid if will come down to force, and you will lose, us Clones are far superior to your Droids!"

Then it got heated. My lightsabers were lit, their blaster pistols were drawn, and all hell broke lose. Three on one is not normally fair, but it wasn't like that today, they quickly started backing up towards their ship.

When they reached the ship it was my turn to back up, and fast. The one called Target brought up a Sniper rifle and Sparky a Thermal Detonator. There was no way they could miss, even so I ran. The Detonator was thrown first, It threw me forwards, and it must have been this that saved me because the Sniper's blast went through my shoulder.

I reached my ship and high tailed it out of there, the doctor says it'll be a couple of days before I can go out there. That Major Rage will pay for what he has done!
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