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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Answers from the bot
So here are the answers to the questions that you asked:

Lt Cmdr Oneida:
What did you look like before all the attachments?
Well, us Kaleesh have reddish orange scales to protect us from the heat, although our claws are normally the only part that extrudes from our clothes. In terms of shape, we're a lot like humans.
Do you ever get an itch in a place you can't reach?
Simply, no, I can't fell all that much, however instead of itches a cable may get caught and orevent me from using a limb.
Does your cape keep you warm?
No, I don't feel temperature, and as such I only where the cape because it looks cool.

Did you ever get rid of that acne problem you had in high school? ( little spots of oil all over his metal head)
As a boy I never had acne, much less spots on my metal head because my head wasn't metal at the time.

What’s your favorite color?
I'd have to go with silver, the colour of many lightsabers.
If your lightsabers that you have ever died on you, what would you do?
Probably just get another one out, or continue fighting with only three.

Do you have an organic Brain/ and if so do you get brain freeze from eating Ice cream to fast.
Yes, I have an organic brain, but I can't eat, so I don't get brain freeze.

I understand that your war droids respond to a series of codes to attack, defend, or even shut down. Can you give me an example of some valid codes, especially the shut down one?
Now that would be telling a trade secret, wouldn't it.

Private Hudson:
Have you ever heard of a cough drop?
Yes I have, as well as having one stuffed down my throat by Fluke.

There you have it, the answers to your questions.
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  • At 1:28 PM, Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida

    Do you have any other clothes, maybe like a leather jacket or a duster? Those can be pretty snazzy.

  • At 7:53 PM, Blogger Jango Fett

    I have a question Grievous.
    How come you hunt down Jedi and kill them? Do you like the mandalorians?

  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger tiny lil jawa

    hey grievous, tell me about ur childhood im curious, cuz now, your a awsomely cool jedi hunting geonosian cyborg thats merciless(i get the shivers even typing it! you should be amazed since i got control of me now, you know, im not like "ge-ge-ge-ge...unbelievable!" yea...) and i wanna know what made you the super cool cyborg i know and am a fanatic of!