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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Da 1's First Job
S'up dawgs.

Like, Y-dawg kicked me out of the Jedi chambers yesterday claiming I needed to pull my weight around the place. I like retaliated with "why ain't you making Obs get a job, he can barely get up?" and spit, but he wasn't givin in.

I looked and found the perfect job: I was going to be a bouncer and this ragin club, I mean, how hard can it be. Well the guy liked my references of being a Jedi, that and my threat to do what I did to the Sand vermin back home; so I told him "your people call my people and you can give me the job."

After like only a few steps out of the place I get a call saying I have the Job, and when can I start. So I get back and get in my meanest get up and yell a quick comment to Y-dawg.
"Hey Master Y'se, I’m off to my job."
"Actually hire you, someone did?"
"Yea, I’m bein a bouncer."
As I left that guy was making a sound like a cat with a hairball.

So, I arrive at my job where they take a picture of me for my ID.

So I like, stood around till early morning the next day when my Boss came out and said I was fired.

"You can't to this me, I’m the One. You can't fire the One!"
"You stood round drinking last night!"
"So, it's a night club? That what you're meant to do."
"Not when you're working, and especially when you charge it the work account."
"But I should be able to"
"Cause I'm the One."

He kicked me out! He banned me from the best Club on the planet. What’s Pads going to say when she hears about this...
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  • At 4:03 PM, Blogger Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Well, that's what yeh get when yeh ain't responserble.

  • At 5:03 AM, Anonymous redheadwithbedhead

    oh my goodness!!( falling off chair in fits of laughter)

    That's too funny!

  • At 3:53 AM, Blogger Shannon

    That's like a wicked cool look for you! And don't worry bout the job, you'll find something else. I mean, like, you ARE the ONE.

  • At 5:41 AM, Blogger F.O.O.F.

    Hey look!
    It's Quiet Riot!!