Access Granted: Welcome General *cough* Grievous
Tuesday, November 08, 2005
How wude!
Mesa woken upsa thissen mornen to der most throbben headache mesa had since dat Trade Federation ivaden mesa home. Mesa was in moy moy pain, so muchsa that mesa had to see der Doctor.

Mesa wassen on mesa way, minden mesa business, when a strange human came on walken up to mesa.
"Whosa are yousa?"
"Would you like to receive cheap healthcare with no compromises on quality?"
"Yesa, mesa would, I was on mesa way to one now."
"Yes, I know."
"How do yousa know that mesa goen to der doctors?"
"With a face like that I would be seeing a surgeon!"
"Whatsa are yousa talking about....."

Hesa ran away! He left mesa a brochure for der cheap healthcare. mesa needen cheap everything, so mesa goen along to thisen place labelled "VET" on der map attached, itsa haven the most cheap services.

When mesa arriven at der "VET" mesa was told dat theysa only serven pets. Mesa was told that mesa should go to thissen "mental doctor" down the road.

Thissen "mental doctor" was waiten in hersa office, and apparently expecten mesa!

"I thought I'd see you soon, General Grievous."
"Mesa no General Grievous, hesa a bad bad uhhhhh..... man droid thingy!"
"I assure you, you are him!"

Shesa thensa taken outsa a mirror and showen mesa face.

"Get itsa offa mesa! Nowsa!!!!"
"I can turn you back permanently General Grievous, you just need to drink this."
Shesa then holden a phile, thissen phile had a purplish liquid in itsa.
"So all mesa needen to do is drinken thatsa there phile?"
"That’s it, now have you learned the errors of your ways?"
Mesa diven at hersa to get der phile, shesa wassen expecten thissen move, mesa had the phile in mesa hands, mesa droppen der phile. Itsa shattered on der floor; quickly mesa tongue was out an licken der floor spotless.

Arghhh mesa tongue!!! Der glass shards were moy moy sharp. Mesa wassen runnen outsa thissen building and finden der hospital.
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