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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
"Oh So Pretty"

My head... my nice lovely shiny head.... it's.... it's....







My head’s made of metal!!! Did you hear that Coruscant? My head’s made of METAL!!!

[Bang! Bang! Bang!]
"Heard you the first time, we did. Now quite in there, be, or Force Wedgie you, I must!"

I couldn't get to sleep so I went into the Jedi Archives and walked on up to the Karaoke machine... but it wasn't there! I walked up to the chief Archiver Madam Somethingorother; she doesn't really like me and the Karaoke machine.

"Where's the Karaoke machine?"

"We got rid of that horrid contraption!"

"You can't do that? You need a Jedi Master to sign a form for that!"

"Ahhh... you see... we did have a Master sign the form."

"Who signed the form?"

"I believe it was Master Yoda."

Furiously, I stormed up to our living quarters to consult Yoda. Along the way I glanced at my reflections in the windows, longing for my wonderful smooth head.

I found Yoda watching a Holo reel in his room.
"Why did you sign away the Karaoke machine?"

"Bad, that thing was. Hurt me and others, it did."

"But why... [starts crying] why... why... why..."

"Stand listening you sing 'Oh So Pretty' once more, I couldn't. Shut you up, I had to, for my sanity, it was. Plus, a good documentary Holo reel, the archive lady, gave me."

I walked off, still sulking, and went to the dumpsters outside the building. There I found my precious Karaoke machine.

It had been unceremoniously thrown from high up into the dumpster; they didn't even have the decency to carry it down!
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