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Sunday, October 30, 2005
The Mess of the Republic
I had a splitting headache last night, this morning it had disappeared as fast as it had come. I travelled to work where a group of press were waiting to take pictures for Coruscant Daily News. So into my office I went and was followed by about 5 photographers. When the pictures had been taken and I had given them answers to the questions they didn't ask, I waited to see what they had written.

30 minutes latter my secretary walked in and placed the paper in front of me. On the front page was a huge picture of me.

Accompanying the picture was an article that the Republic was falling apart as a result of bad budgeting. "'As it stands that Republic is soon going to be owing money to the Hutts as it spends copious amounts on clothing for the Chancellor' said one Senator." I wish I knew who that Senator was.

However, this was the first that I had heard about such financial problems, I wasn't aware that my gifting of money to the Separatists had put such a huge dent in the annual turnover. It did however spark an interest in what we were spending money on:

Working "Meals": 10% - That seems reasonable
Clothing for Public Appearances: 8% - What are we to do without this?
War/Military: 47% - I suppose this has to be spent
"Charity": 10% - This isn't that much for the Separatists
Travel Fares: 7% - Fuel prices really are increasing
Jedi Funding: 3% - Why are we funding them?
Other: 15%

Next Senate meeting we should discuss fundraising techniques.
"Sir, the caterer wants to know what you would like for lunch!"
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