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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Assault on Coruscant - Part 15 (Jail Break)
The outcome of last night can be said in one short statement: Party at Palpatine's tomorrow!

It was midnight, the sky was dark, the prison was asleep, and I finished my dinner (deep fried Scurrier) four hours ago. I was casually doing a 3D crossword, when I looked out the window and saw a pair of headlights drift down, out of the sky. When the vehicle was closer my eyes flicked to the under carriage, it had four wheels! I was drawn back into reality by the sound of a familiar voice:

Palps: Hey Grievous, do us a favour and tie this around the bars.

Grievous: Uhhhh... my cell is one of those Maximum Security cells.
Palps: What?
Grievous: They don't have bars!
Palps: Then why don't you just climb out the window?
Grievous: Because I am 20 stories up, and will we baked if I touch the shield around my window.
Palps: Ahhh... right. I don't see what we can do for you. We thought you had bars on your window.
Grievous: You saw my cell yesterday and examined it from top to bottom!
Palps: We'll.... I forgot to check the window.

This exchange continued in the rushed two minutes before the guards arrived.
Grievous: Come back in six hours, and bring something to deactivate this shield.

At six the car returned, but this time it was towing a trailer with a mobile electronic jammer.
Bandit A: Start up the jammer!
Bandit B: Why don't you do it! You're closer to the switch!
Bandit A: But I flew here!
Bandit B: But you're closer!
Bandit A: But I flew her-
Palps: Will one of you press the button, or am I paying you to fight.
Bandit A: Yes Sir! Press the button!
Bandit B: No!
Palps: Give me the button.
Once Palps pressed the button the shield flickered and died, letting in the cold night air.

After a minute of twisting and turning, I finally managed to pull myself free of the window and into the four wheeled museum piece.
Grievous: What's with all these bars?
Bandit A: They're necessary to get a warrant to fly; they're to protect us if we crash.
Palps: Are we going to leave now?
Bandit A: On it already!
Palps: Then why aren't we moving?
Bandit A: Oops, wrong pedal.

Eventually we left the prison behind us and flew to Palps's apartment. He has generously offered to let me stay in it while he secures a flight off the planet for me.
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