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Sunday, October 02, 2005
Assault on Coruscant - Part 10
Zin helped alot getting into the military base on Coruscant; he had an interesting map embroided into the inside of his jacket.

Zin: The base is just round the next corner, so be quiet.
Clunk, clunk, clunk
Zin: I said he quiet!
Me: You try walking quietly on metal with metal feet!
Zin: All the other are quiet.
Me: Well "all the others" have shoes that help reduce the sound!
Zin: Fine just hurry up, they will change the guards soon.

Sure enough, as we moved into position, the guards were changed:
We ran to the wall and with the help of our replsorlifts, we jumped over it and landed on the other side. We quickly ran behind a building.

Me: We need some place to hide for a night.
Zin: Ok, follow me!

He led us to a very small metal room, which is where we are staying for the night.
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