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Saturday, September 10, 2005
Assault on Coruscant - Part 6
I have been tracking a bounty hunter going by the name of Zin. It seems that he may know of a way into the Republic's military sector.

I first heard of him when a bartender wouldn't serve my droids. As I think that he should have, I went up to give him a peace of my mind:

Me: One bottle of your best over here!
Bartender: We don't serve droids.
Me: I'm not a droid you fool.
Bartender: Sure you're not.
Me: No I am not and you will regret calling me one. First my droids and now me.
Bartender: So those were your droids. Zin come here!
Zin: Yes Sir?
Bartender: Please escort Mister?
Me: General Grievous.
Bartender: Mister General Grievous out of -
[Ignites all four lighsabers and approaches the bartender]
Bartender: Oh, I'm sorry Mister General Sir!
[Continues to approach]
Bartender: Zin... Help! Attack him! Zin...!
[Zin aproaches and starts fring a personal laser pistol, that he has stowed in his jacket, at me.]

I walked forward deflecting his blasts at him, while watching him run away from his deflected shots. Eventually I hit him in the leg and he hobbled away. He wasn't the one who I was angry with, I turned to the bartender, raised my blade and swung down. His last words were: "How'd you defeat my best guar...."

Then for the first time I took some notice of the crowd around me. They were screaming and running out the doors, I managed to catch the words: "He just killed the best bounty hunter on the planet". I left laughing and saying "All I wanted was a drink!"
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