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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Assault on Coruscant - Part 9

Zin finally talked:

Me: So Zin... are you willing to talk now?
Zin: It depends. What are you going to pay me?
Me: I think you'll find that you're not in the position to bargain. So will you cooperate?
Zin: If you won't pay, no.
Me: Then I'm afraid you leave me no choice. Evan, bring me the roast bantha!
Evan carries the bantha over and places it in front of me.

Me: Now, I know this bantha is more than food. If I was to destroy it, [ignites a lightsaber] what would you do?
Zin: You wouldn’t!
Me: I would! [Lowers lightsaber to just above the bantha]
Zin: That was a gift to my father! Wait. Where is he?
Me: Who?
Zin: My father! Where is he?
Me: He ran when we attacked you.
Zin: What did you do to him?
Me: Nothing he ran!
Zin: I’ll tell you anything you want if you tell me what you did to him!
Me: Go on, tell me. [Retracts lightsaber]
Zin: Tell you what? You haven’t asked me a question yet.
Me: Haven’t I? How can I sneak into the military base here on Coruscant? And will you accompany me?
Zin: Ok...

Zin told me exactly how to enter the complex undetected, as well as drawing a rough map of the base on further questioning. I’m now have to plan what to do once inside.

Zin: ... I will help you, for a price. Now that I've answered your questions, what di you do to my father?
Me: As I have kept telling you; he left as we attacked you!
Zin: LIAR!
Me: Ask a bounty hunter! They'll tell you the same thing.
Zin: Hey you! What happened to my father?
Bounty Hunter: He ran.

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