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Sunday, September 25, 2005
Assault on Coruscant - Part 8

Zin has now been captured and is safely locked in a steel box surrounded by four guards and watched through two surveillance cameras by four more guards, who are guarded by four of my droids. This how he was captured:

After continuously watching the cameras that I planted in his apartment, Zin received a call, which from what he said was important: “Hello Father.... Yes I will be at the Encrusted Bar on 799,865 Street at 9:30 tonight.... No, I will not bring anyone with me.... Yes I will bring the roast bantha like always.... Ok see you there."

So… he was going to the Encrusted Bar tonight, how coincidental that I was going there as well. This time I wouldn’t fail either: I would take all of my droids and as many bounty hunters as I could find in the few hours before Zin would be at the Encrusted Bar.

In the end I had:

  • 12 droids
  • 4 close combat bounty hunters
  • 7 ranged bounty hunters
At 2100 hours we were in position around the Bar.
Half an hour latter we were still in position.
At about 2200 hours the target approached and entered the Bar, we moved in behind him.

Zin walked over and sat down at a table with a wealthy old man, after ordering a couple of drinks from the bartender. Zin and the old man started to talk, I quickly moved forward to take a seat behind Zin.

Old Man: So what do you want Son?
Zin: I need some help. There’s this droi –
Old Man (laughing): YOU need help? What’s the world coming to?
Zin: Hey! I’d like to see you get rid of a four armed lightsaber wielding droid!
Is he talking about me?
Old Man: Heh?
Zin: This droid has been following me and trying to kill me.
I think he is.
Old Man: It’s not doing a god job is it?
IT? It? How dare he call me it!
Zin: It stole my Pizza! MY PIZZA!!
And boy was it tasty.
Old Man: Hey is that droid behind you the one you’re taking about?

I swung round, lightsabers igniting and arms splitting. Zin produced his blaster and fired a few bolts at me which were quickly deflected into a race monitor. Seeing me attacking Zin, the bounty hunters swung into action: They quickly surrounded Zin and started stunning him with their blasters and stun batons. He soon crumpled onto the floor, as did a couple of the bounty hunters from stray shots.

I went out side and ordered my droids to bring the container in. When they arrived they took all of Zin’s possessions and threw them away, placed Zin in the container and sealed it closed (there were some air vents, I hope)

For the first time since the fight started I looked around. Several people were cowering behind overturned tables; screaming could be heard in the street outside; the old man had disappeared. Well that made everything fine.

Bounty Hunter Evan: Now what about our pay?
Me: It will come once I have the information that I need from Zin. Now come along and take that roast bantha, it looks quite tasty.

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