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Saturday, August 06, 2005
All Rise - Part IV

It was the final day of the court case, read the transcript to see if I was guilty or innocent:

Security Personal: All rise for the Palps!

Palpatine: No, no, no, no, no! That is too informal, Palpatine is just fine. Well lets get started; we are here today to hear the verdict for the case of General Grievous versus the family of Kaht Argar. Members of the Jury what is your verdict?

Jury Announcer: We have voted over the last couple of days, a task which is not easy for a small case yet alone a case as big as thi –

Palpatine: Get on with it already, the suspense is killing me!

Jury Announcer: Ok, ok! The voting was close but we have found the Defendant NOT GUILTY on the charges of murder.

[Sighs of relief mixed with cries of outrage are heard coming from the crowd]

Jury Announcer: However in the light of the testimony of the Messenger we have found Grievous GUILTY of Improper Corpse Disposal, as well as trespassing on the Sanctioned Area on Tatooine!

Grievous: You can’t do this; this was about murder not corpse disposal regulations!

Palpatine: Order in the court! [Whack! Whack! Whack!] I hereby declare General Grievous cleared of the account of murder but sentence him to 50 hours of community service for the Hutts on Tatooine for trespass! [Whack!]

[Grievous sits there stunned as does the majority of the crowd]

Grievous: Jury Announcer, may I inquire into what votes were cast?

Jury Announcer: This is highly irregular but here’s how the voting went: Eight votes guilty; five votes not guilty; ten votes Barely Not Guilty.

Security Personal: You may now leave the court!

[Everyone slowly walks away]


Well… 50 hours of community service is that bad, even if it is with the Hutts, you never know I might just visit my friends on Survivor while I’m there.

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