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Sunday, July 17, 2005
The Enemies have Arrived

Ok... After careful analysis of the opposition they are as follows:

Anakin: Fast, quick witted but generally easily distracted with an underlying selfish motive.
Dooku: One of my Masters, I should not get on his bad side but I will not just step aside and let him win either
Han: A strong force to be reckoned with, nothing else is known
Mace: should be able to distract him with a quick riddle to confuse him while stealing something from beneath his nose
Padme: if needed I'll give her the clothes I arrived in to save her a shopping trip
Siri: I would have great pleasure in taking her lightsaber from her
Typho: similar to me in some respects, inferior in others
Yoda: that little green monkey will be hard to beat and I will need to keep a constant watch on him

Their team doesn't seem that tough, we should be able to easily defeat them and take the money.

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    i would have a great pleasure in taking a look at your heart! :)