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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Survivor: Tatooine - Challenge 1
Well.... our first challenge on this miserable hunk of rock, that subsequently I will blow up as soon as I am off it, *cough* was to capture as many Scurriers as possible with a Gaffi stick while riding on a Dewback, my report as is below:

Well.... the challenge was a complete fiasco, at least it was for me, *cough* I couldn't ride the beast at first, a droid's legs can't position themselves as an organic life form can, after about half an hour of wrestling with my Dewback, and I think breaking its foot, I finally decided the most embarrassing way to ride a Dewback, side saddle, eventually I managed to kill and carry back one Scurrier and killed another one but ran out of time taking it back. *cough*

So we (the Mabbitt Tribe, the Tribe of the Great, the Superior Tribe) have eliminations where one of us will be voted off, who shall it be. *cough*

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