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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Rancor? What Rancor?

Yesterday Jabba sent me to his droid torture area, I had been told that the droid resonsible for dipping the other droids in acid lent over too far and had fallen into the vat of acid, and so I was to be the replacement.

It started off rather boring, that being said I was having fun slowly dropping droids in the acid untill they talked. It heated up at around lunch time when a torture droid rolled up to be and tried to jab me with a heated piece of metal - this was pointless as they droid was so slow that I easily dodged it and it plowed on straight into the vat. I was thinking that that would be all but another droid came at me wielding a blaster, this wasn't good - I had only one lightsabre on me for fear of losing them in the acid - so out came the lightsabre and I started deflecting bolts as some hired bounty hunters ran through the door and started firing their blasters at me. My wrist was working hurridly blocking the shots while I was being backed up to the edge of the vat.

Suddenly one started running forward and the others followed. Doing the only thing possible I activated my repulsorlifts and flew out over the vat. The first bounty hunters stopped, but the others not seeing where they were going ran into them and fell into the vat. I then wasted no time slaying the droid and walking out of the room.


Jabba was not happy when I saw after being summoned to him this morning, then again does he ever look happy? Well he talked a bit, I had no idea what he was saying, and signalled to some person. Then I fell.

I landed on the sandy floor of some roughly made prison. Somebody from above yelled "Have fun with the Rancor" and sure enough a door opened and out came soemthing that did not seem like a Rancor - they are meant to be giant scary things - but this was like a giant fly.

First it charged, second it missed, third in ran into the wall. I was really getting fed up with Jabba's incompetent murderers. It turned around and charged again, I sidestepped it whipped out my lightsaber and cut it along its side. Its last breath was taken looking at me with a look of defeat.

I decided to leave, I activated my repulsorlifts, flew up to the ceiling and cut my way into the room above, walked past Jabba and into the desert and called my ship to send down a landing vessel. I was away from Tatooine within 2 hours of killing the Rancor.
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  • At 12:10 AM, Blogger Chancellor Palpatine

    Sure glad that's over. That Jabba character is rather unplesant.

  • At 2:39 AM, Blogger flu

    Hmmm... repulsorlifts...

    I wonder if I can get a pair of those bad boys installed on my boots?