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Sunday, August 21, 2005
Me Translate?
Yesterday's task for Jabba was very painful:

I was marched to Jabba and told, by some green dancer that could speak both Basic and Huttese, that I would be Jabba's translator for the day! Well I thought I could have some fun with this.

The first person to visit Jabba was a rather wierd looking guy who was hailed as a high ranking official from a nearby settlement, at least he spoke Basic or I would have been dead. He was there to ask if Jabba could stop the Tuskens from stealing their slaves. Well Jabba said something and I relayed it to the guy as "The mighty Jaba does not like you! He will kill you! He will kill your family!" He ran, I think, Jabba had heard what I had said and quickly bodyslammed me, he is soo heavy! I was thrown to my room after that.

Today's task was alot less interesting but more exciting at the same time:

I was sent out Tusken hunting! I had fun with the Tusken a few weeks back and I had to do it again! And as part of a punishment! What could be better!

They dropped like flies when I charged into their camp, and then a group of Tuskens dropped some heavy rock off a cliff and onto my head and I was knocked unconscious.

I woke to find myself tied to a cross and one lightsaber mising, thanks alot Anakin! I still had 3 left, Tuskens really aren't smart, but I was still tied to the cross and couldn't reach my lightsabers. The ropes seemed lossly tied so I decided to try out a new trick of mine; I split my arms apart and stretched the rope to its limit and soon after it snaped and I off I went to continue my slaying.
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